Rosie LARGE Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

Oh my goodness; I am so behind lately. So much to do and I just can’t seem to get to my blog as often as I would like. I have not made my rounds to my favorite blogs either. Summer is winding down and hopefully I can find a more suitable schedule to allow for my online blog work.

I have recently finished another large Izannah Walker inspired doll. She is 17″. Her name is Rosie.

This doll was made using Dixie Redmond’s pattern. I took her wonderful class last year and really enjoy doing these dolls.

I have only two more large bodies sewn up. I am all out of my bodies for the tiny 7″ dolls. I will be spending the next week or so at the sewing machine sewing up more bodies. I do have another 7″ doll I just finished, I will do a blog post on her in a few days.

Rosie’s dress is wonderful reproduction civil war fabric in a yellow print. She has pantaloons, chemise, petticoat and then her dress with bodice. All her clothes are removeable.

She is listed in my Etsy Shop, stop by to see her.

LARGE Izannah Walker Doll

I have finally finished a 17″ Izannah Walker inspired doll. She was a long time in the making. She is a soft body cloth doll with sculpted head/shoulders.

Lately I have been making the small 7″ dolls and after finishing Molly I really appreciate the size difference! I love both sizes and really enjoy alternating between the small and the large ones.

You may view all her FLICKR Photos Here

The creation and assemblage of these dolls maintains many similar construction qualities of an original Izannah Walker doll. No corners were cut on her creation and she includes a second skin covering under her clothes. She is stuffed with pure wool.

Her clothes consist of a chemise, pantaloons, petticoat with ruffled edge, bodice with full skirt.

She is listed in my Etsy Shop

“Anna” Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

Anna’s dress was not easy to sew. This material is a cotton, but it is very very soft. The weave made it a challenge to do her clothes. This is one of the new fabrics I found in the quilt shop. It was worth the struggling because its just so soft.

I decided to give her a beautiful glass beaded necklace.

Her hair is a warm honey brown and very golden. On my next Izannah I may try to sculpt the hair.

Her black boots are painted in the bow and lace design.

View more of her FLickR Photos Here

View her Etsy Listing Here

She’s A Cutie! Izannah Walker Doll “Erin”

I have am offering another little Izannah Walker doll in my Etsy Shop another little Izannah Walker Inspired Doll. So far, she’s my favorite. I love her dress. It is getting me anxious for spring. I worked real hard on this one and I just love how her face turned out and her cute pouty lips.

Her soft cloth body is stuffed with pure wool and her head/face and shoulder plate are hand sculpted of paper clay. Sanded, softly hand painted, and then distressed to give her an vintage appearance.

Her dress is a beautiful zig-zag pattern in a light teal color. Delicate lace is around her neckline. I gave her skin tone a nice warm color.

Her little boots are sculpted over the cloth and then painted a beautiful honey brown color. They are also painted with the sweet little bow and lace design.

I love this little one and hoping that she finds a loving new home.

“Lydia” Izannah Walker Inspired Doll. 7″

Another snow day here in NJ makes me a productive gal.

I have completed another small Izannah. I really love this one due to how I antiqued her face. Her dress fabric is so pretty on her in this soft gold color as it is very warm color.

Her hair is painted in the wavy/whispy style which looks so cute on her.

Her little pantaloons are tissue linen and slightly aged. Little petite lace around the bottoms. Her boots are black with gold buttons and the painted bow and lace design.

Come Visit her in my Etsy Shop.

My First Izannah Walker Doll Eliza Rose

She is finally done!! I hung out with this girl for 2 weeks! From mere stuffing, cloth, thread, clay and paints, here she is … little miss Eliza Rose, an Izannah Walker inspired doll.

See her creation/WIP here (posts prior to this post):

Part III; Part II; Part I

First off, this workshop was the most amazing workshop. From start to finish everything fit together perfectly. This is important, because someone like me, who somehow can find a way to travel off the beaten path and mess things up … LOL… that did not happen here. It is a very well put together class and there is really no way to mess up … not even by me! That is the kind of workshops I like! I am still amazed at all the photos she has of real original Izannah dolls she provides to her students for reference. This was a huge help!

The hardest part of me was probably her thumbs as they are sewn on after the hand/arm is sewn. Second to that was the difficulty in the sculpting. I am not totally comfortable still with air dry clay for faces. Also, sculpting the likeness of Izannah is harder than I thought. Her face relatively simple and youthful and perhaps I over analyze and try to gain too much detail. So next time I will try for simpler.

Her outfit consists of a chemise (undershirt) and petticoat. I distressed them to looked aged, stained, and old. I would say I am an average novice sewer. I learned some neat sewing tricks during this workshop too, so that was a bonus!

She also wears pantaloons under her petticoat hemmed with lace. This is a photo of her pantaloons.

This is her petticoat, again, I like to distress … stain and age these articles of clothing. It is a replication of an old doll. I love this part of making new cloth looked old!

Her dress pattern/fabric was not the first choice I had for my first Izannah Walker Doll. I want to save the fabric I initially chose for my next doll. I knew this first one would have some bumps and hurdles and didn’t want to waste fabric until I was more sure about what I was doing. So even though her dress is not truly reflective of that time period, she does look good in blue. 🙂

I truly enjoyed working on her. It was nice to wake up everyday and know what I had to do next. Every night I would go to sleep and lay there for a while thinking about her. Sometimes I couldn’t fall asleep and I would jump out of bed and go do a few more things on her.

Most of her is sewn on machine however there are many areas that are hand sewn. Which, is not my favorite thing to do, however, I did find it very relaxing task of pulling a needle and thread through cloth.

I was creating something with my bare hands with the sweat of probably half of what the real Izannah may have gone through to make her amazing dolls. After all, I had some modern day conveniences available to me .. like hopping into my car to visit Joanns fabric shop. LOL

Well, here is a photo of original IW dolls. I hope my next one I can acquire a bit more likeness however Dixie said it may take another 10-12 dolls! Whew! Am I ready?

Update on Izannah Walker Workshop Week 1

I am still in week 1 of my workshop. I am surprised I have accomplished this much so far. However, this has been the only project I am working on at this time. I take many breaks to sit back and think about next steps.

Her legs and arms are sewn and stuffed. I chose to use wool for her stuffing instead of synthetic fibers. I love touching wool and stuffing with wool was just such a pleasure. The hardest sewing aspect was the fingers and thumbs. She is not yet assembled as there is much left to do on her head. These next steps are easiest to do without the arms and legs on the doll. Right now I am working strictly with the torso.

I have just about finished sculpting the face and will do a bit more sanding on her. Sculpting a head this large was truly a challenge for me. I usually work on a much smaller scale. The largest size head/face I have done is probably 1-2 inches. This doll is a 17″ doll so her head is about 11″ circumference at widest part of skull. I must say it is easier to sculpt larger. For the most part I used my fingers and thumbs.

Her face turned out sweet however I am unsure if I captured the original Izannah Walker likeness (most likely not). However, she is a blank canvas at this point; unpainted. Perhaps after painting her face and her hair she may have more of a resemblance. Her eyes look like they are closed/sleeping but they will be painted to be open eyes.

Up next is the stockinette covering for the face/head. This adds a nice texture to the head and a soft covering. This is where soft cotton knit is adhered to the sculpted clay face. It is an optional step however I need to attempt it because I want to learn this method. I am a tad concerned doing this step and think it is quite possible to totally wreck the doll head if done incorrectly. However, I like the look this gives to the doll. Since this is my first doll I must learn all aspects of her creation and just take that risk and see how it goes. The best time to test this step is on this first doll …. although she is cute, she will not be a masterpiece IW doll.

This weekend I hope to complete the stockinette, then paint her face and her hair. I will then work on painting arms and legs. Assemble her and then work on her beautiful dress.

This is so exciting because I have never owned a handmade doll of this size. I will most likely keep her since she is my first one. I have another body ready to go and undoubtedly I will be forging ahead on more Izannah Dolls.

… stayed tuned this weekend for more progress.

Crypt Keeper Spirit Doll

Crypt Keeper … she is … the Keeper of Souls. Visit her Etsy Listing

I saw my Crypt Keeper Spirit Doll very clearly in my vision after creating Deadly Silk. I must say I am in love with her creepy beauty and her colors amaze me. There was no pause or hesitation on each step of the way with her, she spoke to me very loudly on what she wanted to look like.

Deep within the shadows lurks the Crypt Keeper – “Keeper of Souls”. She protects the souls as they lay beneath.

She separates the good from the evil and keeps them from wandering after burial. She is a protector spirit.

Her colors are gray with white. She wears a white veil. On her neck is “the key”. She also wears a creepy spirit man on her waist. He is her crypt helper and ensures the key is never captured by evil spirits. Her hair is a beautiful silver gray mohair – so soft and silky and it is hand combed by me.

Her spirit bag is complete and she is ready for her new guardian.