Vampiress of Seduction – Signature Series

A night time visit from a beautiful but perhaps frightening being. Unsuspecting of the reason for her intense visit — her striking beauty forces you to willingly accept her dark hour visit. She will exhaust the sleeper with her passionate embrace and then withdrawal vital fluids from her victim. Her soul will join you. She is a gift to render you immortal.

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She is being offered as the first in my Signature Series Spirit Dolls. She has been adorned with a custom sterling silver tag noting my artist name “D.Lynne”. Her signature tag reads her name, “Vampiress of Seduction”.

She comes with her sculpted base which contains swarovski crystals and hematite beads. It is textured and painted with deep reds and black and then sealed for protection. She will also have a red velvet spirit bag (pictures to come soon!).

From her waist hangs her creepy companion protection spirit.

I hope she ‘glamours’ you as she does me. She will be listed in my Etsy Shop Sunday at 3pm EST

Crypt Keeper Spirit Doll

Crypt Keeper … she is … the Keeper of Souls. Visit her Etsy Listing

I saw my Crypt Keeper Spirit Doll very clearly in my vision after creating Deadly Silk. I must say I am in love with her creepy beauty and her colors amaze me. There was no pause or hesitation on each step of the way with her, she spoke to me very loudly on what she wanted to look like.

Deep within the shadows lurks the Crypt Keeper – “Keeper of Souls”. She protects the souls as they lay beneath.

She separates the good from the evil and keeps them from wandering after burial. She is a protector spirit.

Her colors are gray with white. She wears a white veil. On her neck is “the key”. She also wears a creepy spirit man on her waist. He is her crypt helper and ensures the key is never captured by evil spirits. Her hair is a beautiful silver gray mohair – so soft and silky and it is hand combed by me.

Her spirit bag is complete and she is ready for her new guardian.