More Snowmen! And Handmade Gift Tags

Well, the last time I did many snowman we had a big snow storm. I think we are getting only slight amount of snow New Years eve. I don’t think I will jinx us here in NJ with my snowmen this time! 🙂

I realize Christmas is over .. um…. well…..officially we are still in the 12 days of Christmas 🙂 … anyway …. I just can’t seem to help myself. I have these two snowmen available in my Etsy Shop. I think there may only be one or two more to follow before I move back to fairies and fantasy sculptures.

This one is about 5″ tall and is secured to a red wood base. He is so distinguished looking and I really like his expression.

His scarf is accented with beautiful fibers and so is his top hat.

Lots of yummy German glass glitters on him and his base.

View his Etsy Listing Here

My next one I had in mind was a sitting snowman. Frumpy, plumpy, round and happy! I started with foil armature with this guy and then added the clay.

He is holding a Christmas tree and a candy cane. He has lots of yummy glitter on him as well!

His hat his hand dyed cotton with white trim. He’s a happy little fella and waiting for a new home!

Visit his Etsy Listing Here.

So what do I do while my air dry clay sculptures are in the drying phase? I found the art of handmade gift tags. I know .. I know … *SIGH* … I can’t possibly handle more art work than I already have. However sometimes in between sculptures I need to do something besides eat! LOL. So i have been trying out a few of these. I will put them in my Etsy Shop as well this week. Just fun and more little goodies!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Perfect Snow & a Snowman Ornie

Most of yesterday morning the snow fell slowly, tiny flakes and seemed to take forever to cover the grass. However, around 3pm or so it really started to kick it up and started snowing very heavily through the night.

As I went to bed last night I gave one last look out the front and the back and noticed my back porch that all 3 steps were covered up to the sliding door. When I opened the front door the screen door was blocked by snow. I went to bed and decided I will wake up early so I can be sure to get out and take some photos of the beautiful landscape and all the snow!

Here’s a photo of my festive red Christmas lights outside as the snow started to pile up before I went to sleep Saturday night.

Here’s a few photos. I love snowy drapes over pine trees and I love pristine everything looked before the sun came out, the shovels, and the snow plow disturbed the setting. It was absolutely beautiful. That is .. until we had to start digging ourselves out. It took about 2 hours to clear out the driveway and front walk.

This was truly a beautiful snow storm because there was no mixture of ice, sleet, or rain in the precipitation. Just pure sugary snow that sparkled everywhere.

Another reason it was perfect is because I did not have to drive or go anywhere. I just stayed inside where it was warm, had my coffee, and my art work to keep me busy.

I knew it was important to get the photos before the sun came out. Without any shadows from the sun it made the photos so easy to take.

This is my art room building. Ahhh. just kidding. Its our shed in the back yard. 😉

Check myFlickR Slide Show Here with More Photos.

So how did I keep busy during the snow storm? Artwork of course! Here’s my latest snowman ornament. Born on Dec 19th, 2009. She is currently available in my Etsy Shop.

Her colors are pink and aqua! She is real cute.

Snowman Couple On Gift Box

Oh boy, I think I jinxed us in NJ as far as wanting snow! Heck, all I wanted was little bit of snow .. not possibly a foot! Which we could possibly get with this storm. I finished all my errands today that needed to be done for the weekend. So if we are stuck inside this weekend its not a big deal. Have lots of food but even more important (LOL) I always have loads of art supplies to keep me busy – I won’t be bored. However, we did have a holiday party to attend Saturday night which is now canceled.

Here is my latest paper clay piece. Such a happy couple — Mr and Mrs Snowman on a gift box. These two are so content. It stands 7 1/2″ high by 4 1/4″ wide.

Etsy Listing Here

This was a really fun project. I started with the two snowman and before they were painted I sat and wondered .. what can I do with them. Then I glanced to the corner of my art room and saw a few of my paper mache boxes and grabbed a nice rectangle one. It was just perfect for them.

I hand decorated the box inside and out. On the outside along the rim of the lid is a beautiful cotton green lace and then over layed over that is another beautiful trim. I mounted 4 bolts to the bottom of the box to make the box have ‘feet’ and give it more weight. I also frosted the top of the box with lots of snow and glitter.

I added 3 bottle brush Christmas trees to the top of the box and accented the trees with glitter and little red and green decorations.

I think they look adorable! I have them underneath the Christmas tree in the corner of my art room. My tree sits atop a table and it is a 4foot white tree.

The inside of the gift box did not go unfinished! Have a peek!

Snowman Ornament

Etsy Listing For Snowman Ornament Here

I seem to be caught up with paper clay here. I swear .. I am not going to stop making snowman until it snows here in NJ!!! I want just a little bit of snow. It will make me feel like a kid again.

I just finished this ornament. Another Snowman in a chilly blue color theme again. With a bit of German glass glitter on his collar he has just the right amount of sparkle. The blue color is accented with pink.

I like this medium and especially for holiday artwork. Its very lightweight for ornaments as well standing sculptures. What I do find tedious is all the sanding that needs to be done for paper clay. Put on the mask and sand away! I am always anxious to get to the painting part but first must sand … sand .. sand.

This ornament will be added to my Etsy Shop.

Folk Art Snowmen

Here in NJ we really have had no snow yet this December. One tiny little storm was about all we got. In hopes of getting some snow here, I have been creating snowmen.

Snowman (Female) Etsy Listing

Snowman (Male) Etsy Listing

FlickR Slide Show Here

These two snowman were made using paper clay, the kind that air dries (no baking needed). The female stands 8.5″ and the male stands 9.5″.

They are hand sculpted and painted by hand. I really enjoy painting on paper clay. So much technique that can be used for finishing them too — which is always so much fun. Distressing, shabby, antiquing. Then all the good stuff like fibers and glitter.

These guys sure gave me a chance to dig into all my art supplies to find just the right accents for them.

Little bit of sterling silver is added to their hats. I sculpted the hats of clay as well and then accented with fibers.

They will be added to my Etsy shop so check back soon and I will post the Etsy Link here. I may try to take a few more photos for Etsy.

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

I have always liked Christmas tree displays so this year I tried making my own bottle brush trees.

These trees can be found in packs at Micheal’s and even Lowes. The brand I used was Lemax. They are those green village trees with the little snowy tips on them.

The trees were bleached to remove all the green dye. You remove the plastic bottoms and just immerse them in a tub with some bleach and water. Depending on how much bleach you use determines how quickly the green dye will be removed. Once the dye is removed, rinse them in cold water and let them dry. I put the trees in front of a heater to speed up the drying time; I am always impatient for project completion. LOL

Then I took the trees and submerged them into different colored dyes of red, teal, yellow, blue, and pink and even yellow. I used Rit dyes and also fiber reactive dyes.

Using white glue, I brushed the trees and then sprinkled them with glitters.

Some trees were left bleached/white and then sterling silver glitter was put on the tree. The sterling silver glitter ones will age and look pretty cool over time. Sterling Silver glitter is amazing. Of all the trees, these were my favorite and I plan to do a few more.

I placed some loose snow on my dining room hutch and made a beautiful holiday display with them.