“Anna” Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

Anna’s dress was not easy to sew. This material is a cotton, but it is very very soft. The weave made it a challenge to do her clothes. This is one of the new fabrics I found in the quilt shop. It was worth the struggling because its just so soft.

I decided to give her a beautiful glass beaded necklace.

Her hair is a warm honey brown and very golden. On my next Izannah I may try to sculpt the hair.

Her black boots are painted in the bow and lace design.

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How Did I Get Here? … and little Juliette

I have thought quite a lot lately about where I am right now with my artwork and my dolls. I feel the need to write this babble here. Sorry, this post may be long, but I promise to have pictures at the bottom of this post (little Juliette; and don’t go peeking before reading all this). I just have to spill my guts here for a bit.

Twenty years ago I had made a few cloth dolls, it was short lived hobby as back then there was no internet, and not too many books to find either. However, there was this really quaint quilt shop across the bridge that I would visit for my quilting fabric and supplies. At that time in my life I was doing quilting. One day I will post here my quilts I have made. Very tedious work and when you’re done, you realize you cannot sell this beautiful quilt you made. Too difficult to part with such a labor intensive piece. So they are stored away to be handed down to my daughter for her to always remember me. My first quilt I made I sewed entirely by hand while I was pregnant with my daughter. It was her baby quilt.

Anyway …. during my quilting days, I managed to find some very nice doll patterns at this quilt shop. So when I was not quilting I would make a few dolls. I am going back to my mid 20′ here … so long time ago :-). The attic babies were big back then, and other strange looking primitive type dolls. They fit in nicely with my home decor and I was enchanted by them. So off I went, making my dolls and quilts, filling my house with my handmade quilts and cloth dolls…..see that… I have had a love for dolls for a very long time now 🙂

Cloth dolls were always something I enjoyed. I found that when I would walk into a store with dolls I would first reach for the cloth dolls. My favorite doll as child was also a cloth doll (I still have her today). This was also confirmed recently on my trip to the Princeton Toy & Doll Museum. Oddly, as I walked around and pointed out my favorite dolls, I didn’t even realize it until the museum curator told me … “You seem to be drawn to cloth dolls”. I was surprised when she said this because I didn’t even take notice that those were the dolls that were catching my eye. As I look back things are making sense to me.

My re-visit back to cloth dolls started with my spirit dolls. They were cloth bodies, stuffed, with a polymer clay sculpted face. These dolls were starting to trigger my passion for cloth dolls.

So…. I went from quilter, to cloth dolls, to polymer clay dolls, and here I am back to cloth dolls again. And in between all that I was a jewelry artist (more on that on another post). Did this all sort of happen by accident?? or was is this my ultimate my path? Cloth dolls???

I can feel a real passion is awakening in me again for cloth dolls. Because here I am today, on my 7th Izannah Walker doll, and I find I am very very happy with what I am doing. This is somewhat of inside struggle for me though …. because I do hear the beckoning of polymer clay dolls, fairies (ohhh how I miss glitter), babies, etc.

Gosh, why can’t I have more hours in my day, my week, my month and my year to do all I would like to do.

I suppose I can manage both and return to polymer clay at any time. However, these Izannah Walker dolls are literally SCREAMING at me right now. I can’t seem to control myself and I know I need to continue making more.

Am I missing my days as a child and wanting the warmth and the cuddle aspects of cloth dolls? Is it because they make me feel secure and happy in this tumultuous world right now?

When I look at my little Izannah’s I feel warm, safe, and peaceful. Is it due to the history of these dolls and they are of a long time passed? What was it really like then? Was that a time of less pain and hardship in the world (and less overbearing taxes LOL)? Is today’s world more harsh than those times???

The economy has certainly been a challenge …. and lately, everywhere I turn, I hear so many hardships. When you read history from the 1800s (when Izannah was making dolls), I feel like people in that era had more time… did they? It feels like their lives went slower than ours? Is it because of our hectic lifestyles now? Izannah obviously wasn’t blogging, logging into facebook, etsy or ebay back then. Was she content and felt she had enough time to make each doll?

Strangely, I feel I have more time in my life making these dolls. I have not yet really figured out why. Maybe it is because their creations feel more natural for me. Whatever it is, I feel at ease with them. I move along at a pace that doesn’t feel so hectic. I like it … I am enjoying it. I am comfy. Comfy brings peacefulness. The little Izzie’s and big Izzie’s seem to be keeping me calm and peaceful. I am hunkering down, avoiding the stressfulness of this economy, and enjoying the stitching of these little dolls. I am content.

If you made it through this long post that didn’t even have some exciting photos, you are a patient person! LOL

What I think is happening for me is that I am taking a much needed break from polymer clay. A break from those metal wire and foil armatures feels good. I need to follow this cloth doll art right now. I need to spend time with the Izannah’s.

I will get back to the polymer at some point. I just need a bit more time here. I am feeling the jive, the sweet mojo, and all that good funky excitement right now with my new dolls. I love these little fabric dresses too. Searching for all the pretty fabrics and patterns has been a nice change of pace. I think it has been fun to go back into those quilt stores and search for that perfect fabric again.

Life has also been a tad stressful (eh em.. when is ever not) and I think the humming of the sewing machine and hand sewing those tiny little stitches, is just soothing my soul…..

To all my customers, buyers, and fellow bloggers … I hope you journey with me and find my new line of dolls pleasing.

“With having said that” … I introduce to you Juliette. My latest 7″ Izannah doll.

Please visit her at my Etsy Shop. “Heart her” to make her feel loved even you do not intend to purchase her, make her feel loved. 🙂 I love her!

Izannah Walker Doll “Grace” & “Victoria

I have completed two more Izannah Walker Inspired Dolls. Grace, which is a 17″ doll and Victoria which is a 7″. I love the size of both of these dolls and will continue to do both consistently. The little ones are so adorable to hold in your hands and display nicely on a small nook or shelf.

“Victoria” – Ebay Auction Here

“Grace” – Ebay Auction Here

First up is Grace. She is 17″ doll. I love her colors. I am an earth girl and am always drawn to earthy colors. She looks beautiful in her warm brown colors of her dress.

She is a Dixie Redmond pattern. She is a cloth doll with sculpted head/shoulder plate.

Her assemblage is very much like the original Izannah Walker dolls, including a second skin under her clothing.

Her clothing consists of a chemise with beautiful lace trim, pantaloons, petticoat, and her full skirt attached to her bodice. I also made her an apron which was very commonly worn in those times.

Her hair is painted like the original style of early Izannah Walker dolls with the curls on the side of the head and at the base of her head in the back.

Check out her Ebay auction. She is amazing to hold, quite a significant doll at 17″.


Meet Victoria. She is such a sweetie at 7″. She is dressed in a cream colored fabric with navy blue print. She is a cloth doll with sculpted head/shoulder plate.

Her hair is softly painted warm brown. Her facial features are the traditional downward gaze and somewhat melancholy look. Which his my favorite IW look.

Under her dress she wears a tiny pair of linen pantaloons edged in lace. Her boots are hand painted with the traditional bow.

Check out her Ebay auction. I just love these little tiny ones and holding them in my hand feels so wonderful!

Thank you and hope you check out the auction! They are anxiously awaiting their new homes!

“Sophia” Izannah Walker Inspired Doll Ebay Listing

Meet Sophia! She is a 7″ art doll and a Dixie Redmond pattern doll. She is currently listed on Ebay in a 5 day auction!

I just love her dress pattern! She is hand sculpted head/shoulder over cloth doll. Delicately painted, crackled patina for age and her clothes are all hand sewn.

Her dress is finished off with a hand crochet trim at the bottom. Her little pantaloons are delicate tissue linen.

I made her a little sleeping bag/travel bag too! She fits so snuggly in there!

Come see her auction and wish her good luck! She is my second mini Izannah Doll!

Sophia 7″ Izannah Walker Inspired Doll Ebay Auction