Wee little baby fairies!

I have been busy creating! I have tethered myself to my art studio. It has not been easy. Life stuff seems to worm its way into my art time. How can I organize my life so there is nothing to do BUT art!! 🙂

I have just completed two little wee baby fairies. I am holding on to these for a little while so as to make some companions. I need their inspiration and they want some little friends and sisters. I really enjoy the babies. I keep getting drawn back to creating these little wee ones. They make me smile.

I created Marigold first, she is in yellow. Then her sister, Lily, was created in pink. I am working on a third perhaps in blue or green. They will all have names of flowers.

Here are a few photos of these sweet ones.

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OOAK Fairy “Nymeria”

What a beautiful day it was today. I tend to want to spend much time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. I do most of my art work after dinner and into the wee hours of the night. This way I can enjoy the sunshine and get things done during the day. And while everyone sleeps I am up playing with fairies. 😉

Here is my latest little fairy creation! She is a sleeping fairy and rests atop a handmade pink silk pillow.

Purple was my mood for this fairy. With the recent Royal Wedding, I couldn’t help but feel in the mood for purple. Purple is royalty. And all little girls love purple. I believe when I was young it was my favorite color.

Her name is Nymeria (prounounced “Ny-meer-ia”). She measures about 6 1/2 inches.

Her dress is hand dyed silk accented with sterling silver glitters and pretty feather weight ribbons. Her shoes are also dusted with sterling silver glitter. It i so hard not to get carried away with this sterling glitter. I just love it. It shines like white gold.

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Vintage & Shabby OOAK Fairy Paper Clay

I have now been working with Paper Clay (Air Dry) for the month of December. I did quite a few holiday pieces and snowman. Now that I have a nice feel for air dry paper clay I decided to make a fairy using this clay. I thought a good idea to start small. I had in mind a vintage inspired petite fairy atop a gift box. I like decorating little boxes so this was a good plan. I wanted her to look vintage, shabby, and antique.

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I used a wire armature with some foil as my the foundation. Then I added the clay. I am getting somewhat spoiled with the air dry clay because I like how you can hold the piece when it is dry and keep adding clay and refining it.

I spent 2 or 3 days sanding her however I wanted that vintage look so I left some areas more rough than other areas. I am going for a shabby vintage piece here!!

I couldn’t wait to paint her. I mostly colored her with chalks on the bare clay. I then painted her eyes and shoes and then sealed her. After sealing her paint I then antiqued her and sealed again. When I antiqued her I left some areas mottled so she looks aged/vintage.

The box is paper mache and then inked. Accented around the box and the lid is gold Dresden stickers. The top of the box has pretty tiny pink flowers around her feet. Her little pink shoes have just the right amount of German glass glitter to make her shoes sparkle. She is mounted permanently to the box. She comes with a handmade gift tag that is made just for her.

I am very enthusiastic about air dry clay and I really like it. I just placed and order for a different type of air dry clay that is supposed to have an even harder finish. Paper Clay is very strong and standing sculptures are fabulous and so lightweight. I hope to make more petite vintage fairies when my clay arrives this week.

I just love how she turned out! She looks like she was loved by a sweet little girl many many memories ago.