Izannah Walker Inspired Dolls: Two Mini’s 7″

I have just added to Izannah Walker inspired dolls to my Etsy Shop. They are both 7″. They are both so darling in this size. I love holding these little ones in my hands. They are cloth dolls with sculpted head and shoulders and stuffed with pure wool.

Abagail is dressed in blue and gold pattern dress which is so darling on her. Her clothes are hand stitched off her body then she is dressed. She has little pantaloons trimmed in lace. Her little black boots are hand painted with the bow and lace design.

View Her Etsy Listing Here

This is Hannah. When I spotted this fabric I had to use it for her. I love cherries and oh how I wish I could have a dress for me in this cherry pattern!

Her little boots are hand painted in green and painted in the bow design. Her pantaloons are tissue linen edged in lace trim.

View Her Etsy Listing Here

I am well on my way to making more little Izannahs. I also have another 17″ one in the works.

Izannah Walker Doll “Grace” & “Victoria

I have completed two more Izannah Walker Inspired Dolls. Grace, which is a 17″ doll and Victoria which is a 7″. I love the size of both of these dolls and will continue to do both consistently. The little ones are so adorable to hold in your hands and display nicely on a small nook or shelf.

“Victoria” – Ebay Auction Here

“Grace” – Ebay Auction Here

First up is Grace. She is 17″ doll. I love her colors. I am an earth girl and am always drawn to earthy colors. She looks beautiful in her warm brown colors of her dress.

She is a Dixie Redmond pattern. She is a cloth doll with sculpted head/shoulder plate.

Her assemblage is very much like the original Izannah Walker dolls, including a second skin under her clothing.

Her clothing consists of a chemise with beautiful lace trim, pantaloons, petticoat, and her full skirt attached to her bodice. I also made her an apron which was very commonly worn in those times.

Her hair is painted like the original style of early Izannah Walker dolls with the curls on the side of the head and at the base of her head in the back.

Check out her Ebay auction. She is amazing to hold, quite a significant doll at 17″.


Meet Victoria. She is such a sweetie at 7″. She is dressed in a cream colored fabric with navy blue print. She is a cloth doll with sculpted head/shoulder plate.

Her hair is softly painted warm brown. Her facial features are the traditional downward gaze and somewhat melancholy look. Which his my favorite IW look.

Under her dress she wears a tiny pair of linen pantaloons edged in lace. Her boots are hand painted with the traditional bow.

Check out her Ebay auction. I just love these little tiny ones and holding them in my hand feels so wonderful!

Thank you and hope you check out the auction! They are anxiously awaiting their new homes!

My Pre-Workshop Izannah Walker Doll

By the end of the week I should have more information on the Izannah Walker workshop. However, officially it does not start until January 18th.

I am so excited to start the workshop that I decided to do a small project of an Izannah Doll on my own. Just to ‘gear up’ and get ready and to see how I would do before I start the doll for the workshop.

I took the free pattern by Dixie and reduced it to the size of a 9 inch doll.
Working smaller scale is always more difficult. She is 9″ doll. Which you don’t think is small until you sew and try to turn those limbs right side out! For the workshop we will be making an 18″ doll.

I had not a clue as to where to start but the focus of this little doll was to try out the sculpting of the clay head on the doll body. Before sewing the pattern I treated the fabric with over-dye paint stain. I then sewed it up, stuffed it and then detailed the limbs and her boots.

Time to sculpt the face on the doll. I am trying to sculpt to the likeness of the real Izannah dolls.

I am still getting used to sculpting a face in the air dry paper clay. I use the push and pull method with polymer clay and with air dry clay it is very different. The best method is to add the clay features. I have to switch gears and do the ‘adding clay’ to build a face instead of the push and pull method. As it dries, you can then keep adding additional pads of clay for features such as cheeks, forehead, etc.

Here is my first little Izannah Walker doll. I dinged her up good and antiqued her because I like that old feeling and primitive look to these types of dolls. After she is painted and dressed, the fun starts! I get to attack her and apply some wreckage to her. Oh what fun! You can’t be intimidated and think your going to wreck your piece — you probably won’t, but for me, the more dings and dents, the better she started to look! She has only a few assemblage flaws and defects but nothing that compromises her in any way from being sturdy.

Despite her flaws I do love her. I think she may end up as the ‘the bigger Izannah’s little doll. 🙂

Here she is!