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OOAK Baby Fairy Pretty In Pink!

Oh wow, what a busy April I had. Just crazy and hardly any time to sculpt.  These type of months are so frustrating.  Hopefully things will calm down some now and I can focus.  Too many distractions Ive had lately!

It is rare that I use colored hair on my dolls other than “normal” hair colors. But this one looked so cute all in pink so she has pretty pale pink hair.


Her wings are beautiful blue with pink accents.  Click HERE to see her etsy listing.


OOAK Child Fairy Butterfly Fairy

OOAK Child Fairy Butterfly Fairy

This was custom order. I hope the buyer likes her. If not she will become available in my shop. Right now she is on RESERVE for 24 hours. She is themed fairy, butterfly theme. Her bodice is sculpted in a butterfly theme and she has tiny butterflies near her boots on her ankles. What a little treasure. She is magical … in the forest she finds all the beautiful butterflies and flies with them …. playing and dancing!