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OOAK Baby Fairy “Tula”

It has been quite a busy March for me.  Things have quieted down a tad.  Although in a couple weeks I will be a way for a week.   I hope to get a couple more dolls done before I leave.   I just finished this little one.




She is costumed in pink accented with blues.  She has on little leg warmers.  How cute!!  I will list her in my Etsy shop in a short while.  Check back here for the link to her listing.  She’s adorable.  About the same size as my latest baby fairies being 3.5 inches.  She has a blue swarovski crystal on her wand.





Another tall spindly hat on her.  Think these hats are so cute.   I use this beautiful lace I had found a while back. Im almost out of it.  I think can get a few more dolls done with these type hats.  I can’t recall where I found it so can’t get any more.  😦


Click HERE for her ETSY LISTING.

OOAK baby Fairy “Mia”

I think I still have spring on my mind.  Another one with green color theme.  She sure is a little cutie with her pale auburn hair.

As always, clicking on photo will display a larger picture.


Her little hat is dusted with glitter …..  And of course … the magic wand!   A Swarovski crystal on the tip of this wand with some wire wrapping.




I will be adding her to my Etsy Shop in a short while.  I will update this blog post with her Etsy Listing when she has been listed.  Thanks for stopping by!!


Click HERE for her Etsy Listing.

OOAK Baby Fairy “Angelica”

Hello out there in fairy land.   Meet Angelica.  I just finished her. She got envious of the spindly hats on her sisters so she pretty much demanded I give her one.  So cute!  Its embellished with fire polished crystals.    I named her Angelica because she is so sweet … like an Angel.

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Spring must be near, although its almost always spring like here in the Sonoran Desert…. however, I just seem to be drawn to blues and greens for the spring for my dolls.   Just makes me happy and feels like renewal.   I bet many folks ready for spring as it seemed was cold and harsh snowy winter for many.  Let Angelica bring the spring to you sooner!


Ohhhh and of course, she has a wand.  I just love the wands for them! Cuz … well… wands just make more magic, wishes and dreams come true!


She measures approx 3 1/2″.   Her little feet are so cute. 🙂


I will try add her to my Etsy Shop tonight.  However, sometimes I do this late at night.  Keep an eye out for her.  I will update this blog post to her Etsy Listing when she is listed.

Updated 11:2pm: Click HERE To see her Etsy Listing

OOAK Fairy Dew Drop Fairy

We had a few days of rainy wet weather.  So I hunkered down in my studio to create.  Is why she is a dew drop fairy.  she flew in with the beautiful rain making beautiful things grow.  Water…. rain … dew drop fairy.  She’s a real cutie.   I love the blond fairies but my favorite are also these auburn red heads.  They are so striking and royal.

Reminder … you can click on photos to view full size.



Her colors are soft greens and blues.  Lots of detail in this one.  Her little outfit as well as her wand and oh my. …. her tall hat is adorned with beads and more swarovski crystals and sparkles.   She is truly magical!!  A joy!  Some are hard to part with, she is one of those I will miss. But oh my, she has big job to do….spreading happiness and joy!




Be sure to check back here …. I will link to my Etsy the shop from here.  For those that know how to find me and my shop! Stay tuned…check my shop …… I will be listing her in a short while.


IMG_9823I think I will give her a name as well.  Thinking ……..  🙂



OOAK Fairy “Sweetpea” with Spindly Hat

I just love this little cutie pie.  I want to keep her … HA….  but I don’t keep any of my dolls. Why?  Well… because they should be out there sprinkling magic fairy dust and spreading happiness and joy and making little girls smile (or big girls too).    That is what fairies are supposed to do.  My dolls are created with lots love and happiness and these little ones need to do this job out there in this world!

If you click on photos it should open a larger photo for viewing.


I named her Sweetpea because when I was costuming her, she told me what her name was. I wasnt even thinking about what to name her and in my heads comes the name Sweetpea. Its so funny how they do that.  The ones that do this have lots of spunk and just can’t wait for their wings so they can fly!


her colors are light mint/aqua…. with accents of gold and peach.   Her hat is a cute tall spindly hat. I imagine she stores all her little secrets and magic inside that hat. 🙂  Her hair is tibetan lambswool in pale blonde.  I sure do love these little blonde fairies.  Her wings are permanently attached to her back.  And of course! She carries a magic wand with a swarovski crystal in pink!


Click here to see her Etsy Listing or click on any photo.


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Baby Fairy “Hope”

I finished this one. This was an order so she is not available in my Etsy Shop.  I have a few more orders to do as well before I will have any in my shop available.   I may be able to sneak in a holiday fairy.  I am trying to fit that in as well.  So busy this time of year.  I have lots of ideas for fairies that I hope to get some time to work on.



She has a little wand. I love these little wands for them. They are swarovski crystals.


OOAK Baby Fairy Chloe

I finished this one and she was listed in my Etsy shop with an immediate sale.  She was real cute one. She almost looks like Angel’s sister. I had sculpted these two at same time.  She is costumed in soft peachy/pink colors.  Real sweet doll.  Glad she found a loving home!



IMG_4419                   IMG_4424

OOAK Baby Fairy Angel

Oh my…..I just finished this little sweetie.  I had to name her Angel because she is just such a sweet one.  Stop over my Etsy Shop to see her.  She has a wand.  Not many of my fairies get wands 🙂   Hope you like her!







OOAK Baby Fairy Jordan

I have just listed a baby fairy in my Etsy Shop.  Stop over to see her. Her colors are blue and green. She is a real sweetie.  I love this one.  You can tell she has spunk even though she is sleeping. 🙂  Her picture also links to Etsy Listing.