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OOAK Fairy Art Doll Wall Hanging

OOAK Fairy Art Doll Wall Hanging

I have finished another one an she is in my Etsy Shop. The next one will have different body design. Click on photo to see her Etsy Listing


OOAK Art Doll Wall hanging fairy

OOAK Art Doll Wall hanging fairy

I just finished her. Boy, these do take some time, many steps and lots of ‘setting time/drying time” involved. Of course, sanding and painting too. I love this one. I have opted to not use wires for the arms and hanging element on this one. She has a copper loop behind her to secure to the wall. Her wings are finished with a patina. Click on her photo to see her etsy listing.

Im a little sidetracked for the moment from my polymer clay fairies. I have a few more of these under way and some rocking designs! I need to play around with these for another week or so. I have family visiting so my art table time is a little limited at the moment as well.