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OOAK child fairy Cassandra

OOAK child fairy Cassandra

I have completed this little one. Oh my…. I just love her. She has a magical fairy wand. Not all fairies have these! they are only for those with special fairy magic powers! And she has them! She comes with a desert wood display that I have sculpted a mushroom into. Click on her photo to see her Etsy Listing!

OOAK Fairy “Morgan”

I just listed Morgan in my Etsy Shop. To see her listing, click on the photo. She is a beauty and I just love her purple colors! She comes seated on a decorative rock.

OOAK Child Fairy Naevia

OOAK Child Fairy Naevia

I just finished this little cutie. she is now in my Etsy shop. Click on her photo to see her Etsy Listing. She is a Q-TEE! Loved working on this one. Each step of the way she told me what she wanted to be. 🙂 Id love to keep her but alas, i love my buyers and they give my dolls a loving home which makes me happy! 🙂