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OOAK Fairy Holiday Ornament

I have another fairy ornament. I love this one. she is real precious.  Her body is wrapped in winter white mohair yarn.   Accented with purple and pink fibers, some silver.


I attached a fairy wand to her belly.


She looks so sweet on a lighted tree.



OOAK Baby Fairy Holiday/Christmas Tree Ornament

I had been struggling with a bad back last week.  Kept me from sitting and working.  😦  i am feeling better now, so I went back into my studio.  I was out shopping the other day and the holiday and Christmas decor is already out in the stores.  So hmmm, I became inspired to do a baby fairy ornament.


She has a candy cane on her dress with green bow.  Jingle bells adorn top of her hat. I added a wire hanging loop for adornment on tree.IMG_1066


She is snowy white with sparkles.  Lots of details on this one.  May be hard to see them all in the photos. In person, she’s darling. This is truly a gift and a treasure. I would love to keep her.  hehehe. but I will do more.

I attached a hanging wire for easy adornment on your holiday tree.  Click HERE to see her ETSY LISTING.

OOAK baby fairy in birdie nest PHOEBE

Its been a challenge to get into my art studio.  as always.  But also I have been really trying to refine my skills and my work.  I suppose I am becoming picky about what I create now.  Only trying to capture what I really really like.  There are a lot of fairy heads and faces without bodies on my art table.  hehehe.

At any rate, I have finished this one. I found these little birdie nests at a swap meet sale.  I thought be so sweet for a tiny baby sleeping fairy.  have been waiting for the perfect little baby fairy for the nest.

Here she is.  Her little hat is sculpted too.  She is only dressed in a diaper costuming. Very simple and elegant I wanted for this baby fairy.  Not a lot of glitter, just a touch of sparkle on her hat and wings.


I love working this size. They take longer because so small and tiny details but boy are they so darling to hold this size.


I found my little vintage birdies. I knew they were somewhere in my art stash.  I looked and looked, and i finally found them. I only have about 4 left.  I have one more nest as well so I may do another baby fairy in a nest. This was so fun to work on. and so precious.


Etsy Listing Phoebe for her Etsy Listing.

OOAK Baby Fairy Pod Bundle Baby

Here’s another little cutie baby fairy pod.  I am working on these in between my lengthier sculpts.  I enjoy costuming these and gives me a break from my more intense sculptures.  They are fun.  I think they make such cute gifts or to add to your fairy collection.

This is the link to the Etsy Listing for this new one.


Here’s the two together.  How cute!


OOAK baby fairy bundle of joy fairy pod

I have been working hard on a custom order that was somewhat challenging.  Its almost done, but in the meantime I needed a break from the order and managed to create this little one.  I love these bundle babys. They are so fun to make and her face is so sweet.



I just listed her in my Etsy shop so stop on over and have a look at her!


OOAK fairies Set of 3

I have been busy working on an order.   It is complete so I will be able to continue on my other orders, as well as a few more for my shop.    I had to place an order for clay and some hair too. Replenishing my supplies a bit here.

Here are the 3 new beauties. All sisters and will be shipped to same location.  They were such a joy to work on and what a great opportunity to do this for such a nice lady.




And here is all 3 of them.   Ive never had more than one or two with me at a time, so this was nice to be able to photograph 3 of them together.  These won’t be in my shop.

IMG_7347  Their names are as follows: The little baby in Pink is Poppy, The green one is Clover, the blue one Willow.

OOAK Baby Fairy Moonbeam

I just finished this little one. She was real fun to work on and her outfit I just love.  I hand dyed the fabric perwinkle blue.  All her accents are blue along with some subtle pink and some touches of gold.  Click on her pictures to view her Etsy Listing.


She is holding a wand with two crystals on top end and one at bottom end.  At the bottom is also a Wand Charm which dangles down finished with a star like the one on her hat.


I really love this one.  Her colors are so stunning.  Her little hat is adorned with hand dyed silk and topped off with a star.  Perfect for little Moonbeam.  She sleeps during the day and flies at night.   On a full moon she is in all her glory sparkling under the moonlight.


CLICK HERE to see her Etsy Listing. You dont want to miss this one. She’s a darling!

OOAK Baby Fairy. Cherae

I have been busy….still….  Geesh when does it end?  Yikes!!   However, I also needed to take a little break from sculpting and actually work on studying more of my sculpting techniques.  I have determined somewhat better methods to sculpt my dolls. It is always a learning process.  These methods are new to me in that I just alter how I do things and the order in which I sculpt.

Basically nothing has changed per se with my dolls, but this new method is just a bit easier for me.  So this was my first doll trying this new method.  She’s real smooth as I also learned some more smoothing techniques.   With this new method I am also focusing more on the shape of the heads and skull.

I have finished this little one.  I named her Cherae (pronounced SHIR-RAY).  I  have never used these colors on a doll before.  She is wearing a deep olive green color and it is accented with eggplant purple and a golden/greenish color.   I am running very low on this beautiful flower ribbon I use (around her head/hair). it is very hard to find and I also heard its no longer being made. So my supplies are running low on this beautiful ribbons.  😦  So my really special dolls call for this ribbon as it is in shortage.

As always, click on photos to view a larger image.  CLICK HERE for her Etsy Listing.


I may even try some dolls in some black costuming and more darker colors like this one.   In person she is just stunning with these colors.


I will list her in my Etsy Shop this afternoon.  I have an appointment this morning and trying to squeeze in this blog post at least and get that done.   She is a real cutie.


Check back here for the link to her Etsy Listing later today.

OOAK Baby Fairy “Tula”

It has been quite a busy March for me.  Things have quieted down a tad.  Although in a couple weeks I will be a way for a week.   I hope to get a couple more dolls done before I leave.   I just finished this little one.




She is costumed in pink accented with blues.  She has on little leg warmers.  How cute!!  I will list her in my Etsy shop in a short while.  Check back here for the link to her listing.  She’s adorable.  About the same size as my latest baby fairies being 3.5 inches.  She has a blue swarovski crystal on her wand.





Another tall spindly hat on her.  Think these hats are so cute.   I use this beautiful lace I had found a while back. Im almost out of it.  I think can get a few more dolls done with these type hats.  I can’t recall where I found it so can’t get any more.  😦


Click HERE for her ETSY LISTING.

OOAK baby Fairy “Mia”

I think I still have spring on my mind.  Another one with green color theme.  She sure is a little cutie with her pale auburn hair.

As always, clicking on photo will display a larger picture.


Her little hat is dusted with glitter …..  And of course … the magic wand!   A Swarovski crystal on the tip of this wand with some wire wrapping.




I will be adding her to my Etsy Shop in a short while.  I will update this blog post with her Etsy Listing when she has been listed.  Thanks for stopping by!!


Click HERE for her Etsy Listing.